What exactly is Tripollar radiofrequency and will it work on unsightly stretch marks?


Are you looking in the mirror daily and noticing stretch marks, aged or maybe sagging skin? There might be a solution for you, and it is called Tripollar RF.TriPollar is a stretch mark remover, and skin tightening procedure as well as an effective cellulite reduction treatment. It is completely noninvasive, and painless in house treatment. It is convenient too. It takes less than 45 minutes and can even be done a lunch break or before work. Because there is no recovery time you can hop right back into your busy schedule without missing a beat.

Tri Pollar’sradio frequency skin tightening treatment has been clinically proven and approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) to lower the overall appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It has also been proven to help shape the facial skin and reduce unwanted fat deposits, as well as acting as an effective cellulite treatment. Oh and stretch marks are no match for tripollar’srftechnology.

But how does Tri Pollarwork?

The procedure itself is relatively straightforward: the doctor will place three small electrodes near the target area so that we can produce a high frequency electrical energy wave between them. This will cause the skin to slightly heat and the metabolism to speed up quite a bit. The fat cells will then start to shrink and while the surrounding tissue is not harmed in any way.

Tripollaris performed in New York and New Jersey by Dr. Michael A Fiorillo, a double board certified plastic surgeon, and his staff. Dr. Michael Fiorillo has many celebrity and other high end clients who seek him out for the Tri pollarprocedure. He is considered an authority in his field by mainstream media outlets like NBC, who often ask for his professional opinion on relevant topics. Before you schedule your Tri Pollar radio frequency treatment, you can meet with Dr. Fiorilo for a personal consultation, in which he will assess your body and determine how to best go about sculpting it to look just how you want. He’ll figure out where the key trouble areas are, and if any other procedures are needed in order to achieve the look you want.

Are there any disadvantages or side effects of the Tri Pollartreatment?

No. There are absolutely no side effects, only a new, slimmer and youthful you. With our treatment no harm or discomfort will occur during or after the procedure has happened. RF technologies have been used in medicine for over 75 years and have been documented to have no harm on the body.

With such an amazing procedure for those stubborn wrinkles and stretch marks why would you not want to give our offices a try. Feel free to check out some of the tripollar reviews and before and after pictures on our website www.tripollarnewyork.com or give us a call at 833.537.0954. We would be happy to answer any and all question you have about tripollar radio frequency treatments. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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