Fight Aging and Reshape Your Body With TriPollar Skin Tightening Procedures

If you you’ve been looking for an all in one cellulite reduction, stretch marks removal and skin tightening procedure and you live in New York or New Jersey you should come visit Dr. Fiorillo and learn about TriPollar.

The days of having to endure and tolerate the presence of cellulite and stretch marks on your body are over with the use of third generation TriPollar radio frequency technology under the guidance of Dr. Fiorillo. The use of TriPollar’s radio waves enables him to skillfully reshape your body while also reversing the signs of aging on your skin. The best part is, it’s all done in a pain-free manner through the use of the Apollo system, which consists of three different sized applicators.

The TriPollar Apollo has a small sized applicator for the sensitive areas of the eyes and mouth, a medium sized applicator which allows the Doctor to use the Apollo on a person’s arms, hands, face and neck and a large sized applicator for a person’s stomach, buttocks, flanks and thighs. The process does not require any surgery and is completely safe and FDA approved.

You can rest easy knowing you have an expert like Dr. Fiorillo overseeing your treatment. The results of the process are instantly visible and after several more will lead to long lasting toning. Not only will you see immediate improvement, but the results after several treatments are simply stunning.

The TriPollar system is adept at cellulite reduction, removing stretch marks from your abdomen, and tightening the skin on your buttocks so you can feel confident and comfortable when bikini season rolls around.

The TriPollar Apollo system is a safe, quick and easy procedure that’s so convenient you can actually have it performed over your lunch break. The treatment lasts anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes, and with no recovery or downtime necessary, you can get right back to work or whatever your day has in store. The procedure itself is painless, with patience describing it as akin to a “warm massage.” It really is the perfect solution for hassle-free skin toning.

Tripollar is effective on any age, skin-type and skin-color. The Apollo seems to be a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to skin tightening procedures. For example, if you have hanging jowls on your neck, Dr. Fiorillo can tighten the skin and reduce the fat with the medium sized applicators. If your goal is to remove or minimize the wrinkles under your eyes Dr. Fiorillo can use the small applicators to accomplish this goal.

It almost seems like it’s too good to be true, doesn’t it? No hassle, no pain, AND immediate results? But it’s true! You can view Tripollar before and after pictures on our website ( and see for yourself these amazing results.

Win the fight against aging by attacking cellulite and stretch marks under the expert and knowledgeable guidance of Dr. Fiorillo. Schedule a consultation with the Doctor and let him help you reshape your body and fight the aging process with several applications of the TriPollar treatment.