The TriPollar Apollo Skin Tightening Treatment

If you’ve been wanting to eliminate unsightly stretch marks or patches of cellulite, you might want toexplore thenon-surgical optionsavailable. A new technique available through Dr. Fiorillo’s clinic -knownas the Tripollar procedure – is one of the newest and most effective procedures for cellulite treatment around.  Many people have found that they can get the help that they need to create the perfect appearance for their bodies.

TriPollar is typically used as a skin tightening treatment, which could be perfect for many people who have recently lost large amounts of weight.  The technique uses a radio frequency skin tightening method that’s been proven to help eliminate dark spots and lines on the skin.  This RF technology is so versatile, that TriPollar works for dozens of bodily applications. Whether tightening skin on your face, reducing wrinkles, eliminating stubborn fat, or reducing cellulite, TriPollar can help.

The most important decision you’ll make before undergoing TriPollar is choosing your specialist.With over 16 years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine, Dr. Fiorillo is one of the most trusted doctors in the New York City area.Having worked on television and movie stars alike, you don’t have to travel to California to get a Hollywood cosmetic surgeon. Visit Dr. Fiorillo’s specialty site: to read TriPollar reviews and see before and after photos of real patients. After that, be sure to reach out and schedule your personal, no obligation, one-on-one appointment. Dr. Fiorillo will go over the entire procedure, and help you determine a timeline for reaching your goals.